Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Love Story

On several occasions during my life, I can recall being heartbroken by family, friends, and boyfriends alike.  I’ve had relationships that meant a lot to me, but in the end didn’t work out.  Do I resent them? Absolutely not. The point is the people we love are human and they have all the capacity in the world to hurt us, but we cannot carry around the weight of disappointment if we expect to grow. It’s all about forgiveness.
When people give up on love, they usually fail to understand that love is much bigger to the emotions attached to a certain person; it’s so much more than that.  Love, to me, is the universe, the God, the higher being, and the very core of our natural being.  It’s is an organic, magnetic, supernatural force that connects us in ways no other force can.  That’s what I believe love to be.  Even in that sense, it’s undefined, without form, and cannot be put into a box.
Despite all the scars I have from being on the battlefield, I give and receive an abundance of love. I love my family and friends; there is an endless well of gratitude embedded in my heart for them.  I love the things I am passionate about. I love the life energy of plants and earth and the spirit of God that I am surrounded by. I am also optimistic about one day meeting my king and experiencing a love that makes all those scars disappear. Then, I can take all that I’ve learned, love to my soul’s capacity, and write about it; God is still writing the rest.
Chymere Anais

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