Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1:04 a.m. | Brave

I'm awake at this hour because I like to have the space to think without the detraction of the outside world interrupting my thoughts.. 
I like that it's so still and quiet, that the sound of my dog's soft snore becomes a soothing melody.  
The window is cracked so I can feel a slight breeze enter my space to blow the candle lightly and allowing me to utilize all my senses in this moment. 
No music on, just a clever play of all the subtle sounds around me. 
When I inhale, I find solace in the presence of God's own spirit.
I feel him beyond my skin, brushing against my heart, and landing in the depths of my soul.
I follow him inside myself, traveling on unyielding wings.
Upon exhale, I can't help but to be thankful for life, for health, for family and true friends;
For all my mental and physical abilities, and for all the wonderful blessings given to me. 
I am at peace with the universe and the stars are rightfully aligned.
And if the night is kind, tomorrow will come, and destiny will greet me...
Because in this moment before my head lays down to rest, I am brave and ready to conquer the world.

Chymere Anais

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  1. I love this! Although I sleep with the tv on or else my mind just never stops! It's interesting to read your observations :)



    Southern (California) Belle


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