Monday, February 11, 2013

A Rant About Living

There is something so exquisite about really living, actually being present in this moment. Technology has made it easy to slip away from reality and share moments and unedited thoughts instantly.  In more ways than one, we seemed to have lost a zest for life.  Instead of just being in the the company of one another in conversation and taking pictures just for the sake of having a collection of meaningful memories, we have chosen to have outburst of fragmented conversations and instant pictures to share with "the world" rather than with the individuals right in front of us.  

Slowly but surely, the ways of this generation are becoming irrelevant to me, annoying in a sense. Of course, I am guilty of interrupting my own life just to read everyone else's updates, investing an ungodly number of hours talking about nothing, and waking up in the middle of the night to Tweet rather than pray, write or meditate, but more and more I'm being attentive to my priorities. This does not imply that I'm against social networking, because I'm not. My focus is just shifting to the most important part of life, which is living.  

Does this mean I'm getting old,  elusive to modern day commodities and wishing the world would slow down just a little bit? Perhaps. Maybe it's the writer in me, the photographer in me, or even the child in me that was so much happier when things were simple.  Blogging has fortunately created a space for me to share pieces of me.  Whenever I feel inspired to write, I am able to do so with careful concentration. Here, I have a purpose. However small or large my audience is, they always have the opportunity to access my complete thoughts through archives, rather than me expressing something meaningful only to get thrown in a gulf of 1,000 other thoughts/ideas/rants per second once the news feed is refreshed. I just think that these social platforms have ultimately created a reason for people to dumb everything down and not know how to breathe, let alone function properly, without them.  Most of us are lost as to how to use them in beneficial ways.  Communication is such an incredible and powerful instrument, but what exactly are we actually saying?

I've always wondered what would happen if one day technology crashed unexpectedly with no hope for resurrection. What would we do then? 
-Chymere A.


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