Monday, February 4, 2013

Dance Like No One is Watching + Link Catalogue #4

I've come across quite a few amazing and inspirational treasures across the web lately.  As I've adapted to a rather introverted lifestyle by choosing to spend many Friday nights in, this is what I do with my time for the most part.
    • Architecture and design has always been something I was interested in. Random fact of my life: architectural engineering was my first college major, which I've revised 2 times since then. I found the perfect app to occupy spaces of boredom.  Because I am able put together these cool idea books and visualize my dream home with this particular app, I am completely obsessed with Houzz. Available for  Apple and Android devices.
    • Ev'yan is an absolutely beautiful writer with a good spirit and I'm always learning from and inspired by her words.  I love these 8 Simple Affirmations , as well as her explanation of Intuition from Sex, Love, Liberation. This is a site purely dedicated to our inner goddess and feminine energy.  
    • My new favorite style blogger is the lovely Mrs. Natalie Live at The Tiny Closet.  The photos always come out beautifully, her style choices are similar to what I envision to be my own, or at least what direction mine is headed in, and she recently moved to California with her love, which of course automatically caught my attention. Her blog is simply a breath of fresh air.
    • The next blog I've become drawn to recently is that of Sophia at Kiffe CoCo, recommended by one of my favorite and often mentioned bloggers, KL.  Just like I do with any new blog I follow, I go back and read as many old post as possible and I admire the way she writes, interested in what she writes about, as well as what she takes pictures of, and I love that I've finally discovered my curl match.
    • I admit, I relapsed on the whole vegetarian ordeal since the start of the new year. It's difficult and although I know how to cook, I don't know any vegetarian recipes. However I did try my hand and creativity at a homemade vegetarian dish Wednesday night that turned out to be absolutely delicious. Live and learn, right? Thank God for sites like One Green Planet and Veggie Wedgie, my new favorite digital cook books for yummy vegetarian dishes. I've also created a Vegetarian Recipe Collection board on Pinterest. This is a start.
    • Recently, I received a comment from Dee O., publisher of The Good Good Blog and I was flabbergasted. Years ago, I had this blog on my old reader feed and it was almost forgotten about. I've just always admired the endless exhibits of music, photography, fashion, and overall extraordinary artwork. When a blogger of that caliber recognizes my work, it gives me a slight boost of confidence, because even though they have so many other blogs to keep up with and responsibilities to uphold, they found the time and space to recognize mine.

    • A very good friend of mine is semi-new to blogging.  Originally, she started a blog around the same time I did, circa 2009 and decided to start a new one in honor of turning a new leaf and entering a new place in her life. (By the way, both of the old blog platforms are still up here and here if you want to check them out.) I really think she has potential to be an accredited stylist and fashion blogger; her passion can be seen from miles away. Even though she is in the beginning stages of creating/developing her brand, I think one day she is going to completely take over the world of fashion, so I think all of you gals (and gents) who love fashion and personal style should follow her new blog, A.Nik: High Strung Gypsy while it's new, and you'll never be forgotten.
    • Best video EVER!!! It's so fun and energetic. Maybe one day I'll muster up the courage to literally dance like no one is watching. Perhaps I'll add this to my bucket list {Source: Love & Happi(Ness)} Janessa is also a friend who is a budding lifestyle, travel, &health blogger. 

      Are there any good blogs you're currently reading that I should know about? Leave the link in the comment box = )



      1. Great links! I'll have to check some of these out. I love that you're so honest about your goals and where you may fall short of where you want to be--just keep starting over with vegetarianism if its' what you really want. But don't beat yourself up if it turns out that it isn't :-)

      2. Love that you post about some of the favorite blogs that you read! I initially started my outfit posts with a Canon Powershot and they turned out pretty decent.. However I later switched to the Canon T3i Rebel as I am learning more about photography. It's all about the perfect lighting to capture the perfect pictures!

        xx - Vee

      3. Great post, you wright really well

      4. OH EM GEE!! I loved this video it made me so happy, I aspire to be that brave!!

        And I'm going to check out all the blogs you shouted out. Thanks!


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