Saturday, February 9, 2013

SS: Vol. 40 {Pre-Valentine's Day}

In light of Valentine's day, I have reverted back to that whimsical mood I was in just a couple of weeks ago. With love's beautiful/bright energy floating in the air, I've tuned in to some of the prettiest, most romantic, most adorable love songs I could dig up from my collection, many of which I hadn't listen to in a while. I must say, I've become completely enamored with this play list. Some of the melodies create this soft, playful, dreamy ambiance that sends my soul up to the cloud on a feather. Others are more melancholy tones, but still equally sincere. 

All have aged gracefully with me, as all parts of my music collection do in some form. Anytime I listen to music like that, I get butterflies and for the time being, my innocence returns to me.  The funny part about this list is the way I used to listen to many of these songs. As joyful as they sound, the pieces of heartbreak and pain of wanting someone to love wouldn't allow me to  just take it in. Now, it's totally different. It brings me nothing but bliss to listen to love songs that make my heart melt with hope and desire. What a 180...

Some people blame Hal-mark and find this a holiday of artificial love combined with ancient myth, but I embrace any moment possible, however fabricated, to bask in the warm feelings of intimacy that Valentine's day brings, even if it means a day set aside to celebrate the woman I am and the woman I'm becoming.

Sometime during the Vday weekend, I plan to listen to this playlist again as I'm cooking myself a nice, meal (which has become quite the hobby since I've started my vegetarian journey), and while I'm sinking in an illustrious milk  bubble bath after desert. After the music goes off, wrap myself in a warm robe, I'll resort to my room to get lost in the world of a book, and watch indie films and romantic comedies until I fall asleep. By the end of the night, if I'm in my feelings, that's my business. It's not as pitiful as it sounds; just self-love painted in a way I, personally, never imagined having for myself. And the silver lining about being alone (not lonely) is that one day, somebody will be able to fully appreciate me and love me in a way like never before, because I have never been at such a place where I was completely in love with every molecule of my being.

Naturally, the ultimate love story begins with God and flows from the inside, out.

As I always do, if you've never heard the songs listed, I encourage you to look them up. Nothing like new music, even if it's new to you and old to someone else!  Enjoy & Happy Early Valentine's day!
  • "Arrows" x Reverie Sound Revue
  • "First Day of My Life" x Bright Eyes
  • "Perfect Now" x Sarah Blasko
  • "Crush" x Dave Matthews Band
  • "Two Birds" x Regina Spektor
  • "Silver Lining" x Rilo Kiley
  • "Only Love" x Ben Howard**
  • "Give it Up" x Haley Bonar
  • "A Thousand Years" x Christina Perri
  • "Better Together" x Jack Johnson
  • "Simply Falling" x Iyeoka
  • "Out of my Mind" x Colbie Caillat
  • "By Your Side" x Sade
  • "Something Goes Right" x SBTRKT
  • "Shining Star" x Nneka
  • "The World Spins" x Charity Vance
  • "Love Love Love" x Avalanche City
  • "Daydreamer" x Adele
  • "I Follow Rivers" x Lykke Li


  1. love this! i am sad that you are not on instagram anymore! maybe because i haven't been on blogger for a minute...and i always try to keep up reading tweets, but i guess instagram is one of those things where it is easy to keep up with people's lives without necessarily making a lot of's photos, like it's just there.

    1. Thank you and I made a new one!!! DM me your IG name = )


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