Saturday, March 30, 2013

Notes: Dreams, Fitness, & Other Stuff

  1. This has been a really awesome weekend, spent mostly having girl time with Mother Darling.  I'm so glad I can finally call my mom my friend, because for a while she was just mom.  Now that I'm older, we have an adult relationship and she is one of my best friends. The bond we share is fortune. 
  2. In the process of applying for scholarships and grants for school. Growing a tad impatient, honestly. I really just wish the lenders would just give it to me with out all the unnecessary stress and investigation.  
  3. The lesson that is finally clear to me: do it right the first time, to avoid having to redo it later. 
  4. It is spring and my nails are (raspberry) red.  I defy trends. 
  5. Finished designing an outfit that was on a To Accomplish list some time all I need to do is  find the material I envision for it and get to work! Hopefully  it will be done before the end of May, because I have to be in the mood to do it. 
  6. I have come up with all sorts of excuses to not work out like I said I would this month and summer is approaching too fast to start slacking now! I still go to the gym, but not as often as I marked as gym days in my agenda. After my Sunday nap, I'm running my 3 miles to get the momentum rolling again, Monday morning up and at it again.
  7. As I was putting the pieces of my archives together, I realized that my heart has been stuck in a time machine, which means I, as a whole, am not moving forward. It is time to be present and trust that there is a reason he is not in my life anymore. It can't possibly be as hard as I make it out to be [Note to self: Spring cleaning season is upon us, Chymere, it is seriously time let go (without the relapse later on)]....because someone is out there, waiting for me to get out of that space of stagnancy, so he has the chance to love me in a way that surpasses my dreams and I am able to reciprocate it completely. 
  8. I still think about California. Everyday. Not only am I postponing the big move to complete undergrad and attempting to establish myself first, but in the same breath, turning down a lot of opportunities that were lined up.  Although it's a little disappointing to think about, I'm believing that the rather logical route is the right direction for me, but I can't lie and say that I never second guess that to the point where I want to just go where I know I belong, within the time frame I desire, and just finish school out there. All in due time, I suppose. Cali isn't going anywhere anytime soon and I doubt my mind will change about being a resident there. 
Chymere Anais

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