Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Notes to Self: Unfinished Business

I've given a great amount of thought to postponing my move to California. As much as I want to go, most of me wanting to wait has to do with unfinished business and it just hasn't felt like the right time.  I'm coming to an understanding, specifically about big decisions like this one, that require at least a little bit of structure and order before committing.  Without going into elaborate detail about my "plans", here is a list of some of the thoughts that have come up in my quiet time, where I am able to think, reflect, and become engulfed in my true desires, all of which I must sort through before moving forward: 
  • Always finish what you started.
  • Don't assume that an incomplete chapter is over just because you decided to walk away from it.
  • Never leave the place that you're in messy. Clean before you leave (literally and figuratively).
  • When you try to run from your problems, they will only follow you.
  • Realize that there are different levels of progression and you must master one before you are able to reach the other.
  • Be weary of sharing plans with others before they are finalized. 
  • Make room for the transition process to unfold smoothly.
  • Be patient, because timing is key.
  • Find and distinguish your own authentic voice to be able to have clear intentions and true to self motives
Not to say that Cali has disappeared from my dream list because it certainly hasn't. There isn't really a rush at this point; I'm still in my early 20's and if it's designed to happen, whether it is as soon as I thought or later on, it will.  I just have to be present for awhile to ensure that none of my personal goals are fragmented before I land. 

-Chymere A.


  1. I can totally vibe with you on this, sometimes there is a subconscious pressure we put on ourselves in terms of our goals, especially while we're young but I think patience is definitely key. And not only that but remaining true to yourself and not feeling like a prisoner to words you've said in the past. So I feel you on this one Chymere :)

    1. Well said! And having someone relate is always comforting.

  2. This is such a cool post! I like and agree with every point that you made especially this one:"Don't assume that an incomplete chapter is over just because you decided to walk away from it.". That speaks to me more.

    and if you do decide to move to California, I wish you all the best!


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