Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Here I am sitting down to write on the evening of the first day of the vernal spring solstice.  I find first days  to be significant for different times throughout the year, and spring has always prompted me to think it is the season of rebirth. All the dead trees are coming to life with beautiful colors, flowers coming into bloom for the first phase of their life.  What I did not know was my thoughts about the season are in accordance to the Chinese understanding of the spring equinox. Isn't it amazing when one culture's translation of something resonates with another culture's understanding sometimes? I think it is, indeed.

As my family is preparing to move in a few weeks, I realize how much stuff we have collectively accumulated over the past few years. It's just bananas! So as we are making that transition as a unit, I thought it would be a perfect time to share what I am also learning and help those who need to do a little cleaning prior to moving to that new place in life.

{From The Chymere Anais Collection, Day #51}

♥ Phase I: LET GO

Suppose you are moving into a new house.  This new house may or may not be bigger in size, however, it's one that is perfect for you. Anytime someone dives into home ownership, as I have learned from my parents and HGTV, there are a lot of cost factors to consider.  In that case, not only have you invested a lot of time, energy, and money into saving for it, you've also fallen completely in love with it.  After mapping out your budget for the down payment, inspection, maintenance, etc. you notice that in order to stay within that budget, there is only room for one moving truck. But wait! It isn't even enough room to pack all of your belongings and it's too costly to make multiple trips. So what can you do? This is that point where you realize, through the process of elimination, what is and isn't important; it's liquidation time. It is time to venture to the attic to that box of dresses you haven't touched in over a decade...or that trunk full of random nostalgic nick-knacks from when you were younger.

In order to make room for greater, better things, you have to first LET STUFF GO! This task is probably the hardest if you are anything like me. Giving every single thing significance, when most of the time it's simply fear in disguise. This does not necessarily mean things such as family heirlooms or photos that do actually have a priceless value tag.  Think about what kind of energy is attached to those things that you are so afraid to let go of and can easily be replaced.  Chances are, you already know what you can let go of, like your sweater from the first day of kindergarten. If it adds no value to your life, it is not worth holding on to. As heart wrenching as it seems at the moment, touch it one last time and: Let. It. Go.

Now you have created space for something new to take place. Congratulations!

Now let's talk about moving in and your housewarming party...(to be continued...)

 Chymere Anais

**To new readers to the series, a link for Phase II will be included at the end of this post after it has been posted!**



  1. you just keep getting better in my eyes

  2. Well written post. I agree, you def. have to let things go. I've already readjusted some things in my home and gave away things that I no longer need to hold on to. Although, it's a little hard to let go of it but it feels better to let it go. I've learned not to fear change because with change comes growth and I appreciate growing.

    Much love,

  3. This is beautiful, Chymere. I always enjoy reading your writing. I love the idea of Spring Cleaning and usually grow excited to do so come early March. This year it's been a slow process, mostly because I have a problem letting things go lately. But as you said, things that hold no value or have negative energy attached to them must be gotten rid of. Enjoyed reading your post, (as you always inspire me :)and can't wait to read the next phase.

    As for me, it's about to be liquidation time around here!



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