Sunday, April 14, 2013

8 Things I Learned This Weekend..

  1. Follow your intuition.
  2. Loyalty over pride. 
  3. In conversations spoken in anger nobody wins. Ever.
  4. Never drink around people you don't trust, lesson coined by the best friend. 
  5. Don't allow your ego to get the best of you. 
  6. Drunk decisions are always stupid.
  7. It's not possible to fight/ignore your feelings. You have to face them head on and deal with them as they come.
  8. All relationships involve [only] two people, a thing to remember especially in searching for solution to arguments and disputes. 



  1. Ah that's funny you posted this!!! Number 7 is speaking to ME!! I have 2 situations that involve my feelings towards men in my life. I need to confront both situations and figure them out so I can move on or make things happen. As each day passes the thoughts get stronger in my mind and now it's a part of my everyday. I must confront.

  2. I TRY to practice 3 as much as possible. Lol it can be a bit difficult though.

    #4 is something I've been doing since I started drinking. I usually drink at home and if I do drink out, I know my limit. I have a control issue and don't like the idea of giving someone the opportunity to have control over me.

    #8 my mom taught me that at a young age..and I never really practiced that until maybe 2 years ago.. But the more I date, I understand how important it is to tell someone LESS details about your relationship. You'll be MORE happier that way. Sometimes other people's opinions can have an affect on the way we think.

    I like your list boo.

    1. Your mom is a wise woman! lol. Many of these things I definitely knew already and had to relearn. Sometimes lessons often resurface as reminders, just so you'll never forget.

      Thanks for reading!


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