Sunday, April 21, 2013

Missing My Forever

My love of many moons ago,
I knew your soul would be apart of me,
Indefinitely ascending towards the clouds;
Not together but as one.
The journey became turbulent 
And eventually we fell into the consciousness 
That somehow connected spirits
Can find ways to unravel their permanent ties.

Missing my forever...
How can forever start
If there is no beat in my heart?
What if the wind can't carry me
Into the arms that promised to never let me fall?
I watched love die in your hands a million times.
Feeling lifeless, wondering what life is
Without love...
Or how existence is possible without a pulse...
Or how a pulse can be transferred from one heart to another
After love fades...

I wish I could fill empty spaces
With the endless beauty of our silence
And listen to the ripples in an ocean of dreams.
While our bodies barely touch, love is translated 
In a way I could not feel with another being.
You are my one and only
But I am uncertain if I am still yours.

Destiny will always be made for us.
The stars will always be written in beautiful cursive.
Across the sky 
Will you fly to find me again, dear forever
And promise to never recreate the tragedy 
Of believing a God ordained love can ever be taken apart?


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