Friday, May 17, 2013

Simple Freedom, Inspired by GG Renee

It's unfortunate that we're almost forced to live in a world that requires us to constantly be on guard. We have to protect our thoughts, our passions, our hearts, our histories, our pain, our happiness...all the things that we want to share, because it's human nature.  We spend our entire existence going through these constant cycles of trying to figure out who we can and cannot trust to also protect those things we hold so dear to heart. Is that really freedom or is it a paranoia that can stop us from living life fully?

Love is risky.  Opening up to these evil outside forces we've come to believe in takes courage. But what are we ever really losing when we choose love over hate, courage over fear? Is it the unknown that lingers on the other side of that choice?  Does the potential bad overpower the potential good? In a society of realism, we've all been guilty of not turning to the more optimistic approach, but do we ever stop to think what a terrible state of mind that is to dwell in?

Just when I thought I was turning into that person who shuts everyone out from everything I had to offer, it dawned on me how much of myself I share on the regular through blogging, which is basically writing out my life's truths for the world to see. Those things that I was once so convinced would be used against me.

What I produce (outside of the light and fluffy of blogging) always comes from such a raw and honest place and even I'm amazed by how much I've grown.  I've been doing this for years, and I continue to do it, because it holds the weight of me feeling like God always makes room for our gifts to flourish. It's an outlet. It's a connection to wonderful people I would have never met otherwise. It makes me not-so-afraid to open my world up for others to see without worrying about the reactions or what could possibly be thrown at me later. Most importantly, writing is an act of the heart that makes me feel freedom. And that is, ultimately, what life is all about...holding on tightly to all the things that allow you to be free.
♥ Chymere A. 

Would you be willing to connect with us by sharing your Simple Freedom on your blog/site? If so, please add the link to your comment below and I'll be sure to pass it on to the lady who inspired this, GG Renee over at All the Many Layers.


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