Monday, June 10, 2013

Newsflash: The Beginning of Something Beautiful

It is currently midnight on the east coast.  I am laying in bed, doing what I always do at this hour if I'm awake: thinking.  For some reason, my heart is heavy and the world is resting on my shoulders.  Picking apart one thought at a time, I realized...

There are a few things I'd like to do with this platform that I haven't been doing enough of, which is fully utilizing this gift I was given. So much is happening in the world around us, and here I am sitting on my lavish, American pedestal pretending to not see it all.  A few times I've been humbled enough to come down to write about what matters, in and outside of my culture, but I don't think it's enough.  It's not that I want to bring all bad news to this space, like some overly-obsessed brainwashed journalist, but just to shed some light/share my opinion about the crazy things that are happening every day. 

So much knowledge is absorbed every day and it goes way beyond what is taught in school.  I am constantly learning something about the world around me by simply reading, exploring, and through conversing with others. I'm fascinated with the fact that, although the world can be a beautiful place, there is still so much injustice, so much ugly, left for us to clean up.  With that, my reactions are sometimes that of frustration.  It only leaves me to wonder if there is anything I can do to help, yet I have the audacity to invest most of my time in this blog and other social media talking about myself or nothing at all.    

'What are some of the things I'll be discussing' you may ask?  The first topics that come to mind are things like human trafficking, gun control, crimes against women and children, etc. Maybe in the process of writing about certain issues, I can help bring about solutions or come of with some of my own.  Honestly, that question has so many different answers. Basically, anything I am able to approach from a subjective point of view and flexible enough to conclude optimistically. Religion and politics are probably the only things I will try my best to stray away from, even though they may come up from time to time. In those instances, I will be as objective as I possibly can, being that they are both very sensitive subjects to most people. 

Not everyone will be interested to read these news spills, but that is something that not only is nothing new, especially in the wondrous world of blogging, but also one of those things I've learned to not take personal. The same ones who are convinced that this post is too long, are the same ones who will skip right pass post that are equal in length.  The important thing is always to just do what I'm inspired to do, which is, in this case, standing up for what is right and allowing my voice to be heard by whoever is willing to listen. 

Of course I still want to maintain a level of vulnerability with the people who have chosen to read my blog. Of course I will continue to post both random and consistent blurbs about music, and life, and style, and whatever other light and fluffy topics I can come up with. However, a voice inside of me is telling me to dig a little deeper to go beyond myself and my immediate reality and use my voice to at least influence a world change, or even a revolution.  I will call this "series" Newsflash, at least until something better comes to mind. 

I encourage everyone who writes to stay educated and to put messages out there that promotes hope and positivity.  If there are topics/current events you think I may be interested in or if you'd like to compare and contrast to work out some collaborations, feel free to contact me via email: 

Chymere Anais


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  1. I love this idea so much!! It will be great to see bloggers talking about important topics like the ones you mentioned. It can also help you learn about a topic too which is great. Womens rights is a massive topic and will be good to see what you make of it :)
    I might actually write some more meaningful posts on my blog too - will be good to share thoughts and see others thoughts on it too.
    Great post! :)
    Saadiya x


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