Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy July!

Wow it's mid- year already and honestly, summer hasn't been too eventful so far.  
It's been nice and quiet thus far with every now and then occasions of going out and spending time with friends and family. 
The main goal was to focus on financial freedom, so nothing epic has sprouted out of that.  
However, before summer comes to an end, there are some things I would like to accomplish; things that I want to do for pleasure/leisure rather than necessity.  
Afterall, it is my birthday month and what better time to live it up! In light of wanting summer to be more than working, planning, and saving money, I've created a July to-do list to tackle for the month:

Hopefully, July will turn out to be better and more successful than June was and summer won't be a complete waste of adulthood responsibilities.  

Chymere Anais


  1. That sounds like a good list. I plan on working on mine soon before we get to far in.

    Glad to be back in the blog world. Hope to see you around more :)

  2. Hey now your list is good too lol. I forgot to add that to mines "attend an outdoor event" its so many of them going on until fall hits so there shouldn't be any reason for me not to go to one.

  3. Awww! I hope so too! I bet you're so excited about your bday! I'd love to go ziplining too btw, so there continues are similarities once again lol. I so agree with you about the beach being a must and I'm hoping to do one as well in the beginning of August. Let me know where you decide to go, maybe it'll be helpful with my planning :) Also what are some of the books on your summer reading list? I'm always looking for a new read

  4. I hope your summer gets better! You def have to try zip lining. I did it a few years back and absolutely loved it!

  5. Sounds like me!!!! Grrr. We must LIVE lol. Naw but as long as you're keeping your head above water, you definitely deserve some fun AND it's your birthday month? Girl, yes, TURN UP!

  6. Great list! Even though summer is my least favorite season, I love going to the outdoor events we have in Detroit. I'm also wanting to do a juice fast. Oh and if you have a Wii gaming system Just Dance is an AWESOME way to add dancing into your workout regimen. At one point it was all I was doing! So much fun!

  7. Ok, so I need to run more, finish books, N' go to the beach as well! We have a lot in common! LOL
    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  8. I love lists!


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