Monday, July 29, 2013

Rebranding, Rebuilding

Journal entry: 7.17.13

I need to be a millionaire, to utilize out of unselfish modesty and not selfish greed. Not for the sake of having money, but in order to live the lifestyle I dream of creating, to have financial freedom and ability, to travel, to experience a certain quality of life and bring everyone who has rooted for me from day one with me. Recently, I've just put everything into perspective...

I read an article today about attracting money.  It was basically about shifting paradigms and changing how we view finances.  It touched on the basic principles of manifesting and overpowering the concept of money using our own thoughts, our own consciousness.

I really want to absorb more things that fall into the same category as that article, as many things as possible without going into overload, so I can really focus on what I have already (resources), what I desire, and less on what I lack.  So that will be my goal for the rest of the month and carrying on into August...

...because I strongly believe that when my mind is in the right place, doors will open up automatically to allow the blessings to flow.  I feel myself getting closer.



This week, the premise of my journal entries have pretty much been almost exactly like the one above. Writing it out in repetition is helping me refocus on my goals and get my mind fixated on what I sense is taking place.  There are a lot of things that I have to mentally prepare myself for, as well as changes that need to be made.  The mind is a sponge and I'm just being cautious of what I absorb. 

In my free time, I've been thinking of a strategy and contemplating the direction of my personal brand, which naturally goes hand in hand with this blog.  The overall concept and certain business aspects of the magazine needs a little tweaking as well. However, I try not to stress about it too much, and just keep working on it day by day, because stress is a close friend of misery, I'd much rather enjoy the ride, trust the creative process and believe that in the end, I'll have a masterpiece to be proud of.

Today being Monday, it is typically the most productive day of the week. It is my hope that anyone reading this blog took the time to set the tone for the week ahead, whether it's a busy one or not. Sometimes the weekend seems too short, but fortunately it always makes its presence known again....and what better reason to enjoy its arrival by celebrating what we've accomplished throughout the week? 

With that being said, have an incredible Monday! 

Chymere Anais


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  1. I love the last line of this post, work hard/play hard. I love the idea of working your tush off to push through 5 days and just relax and revel in the pleasures of getting things done on the weekend. It's inspired me to kick it up a notch. And I commend you with your goals toward your magazine and that you prefer to look at the glass half full as opposed to half empty. Keep it up girl, I know you will be victorious in the end :)


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