Monday, July 22, 2013

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 60 {Feels like I can flyyy for the first time}

Lately, I've been a really mellow, chill state of mind, not to be confused with blue and down. And I came across a Jaden Smith song, First Time, and I just love it so much and he's the cutest little cool kid! ("..I feel like I can fly for the first time, first time...") Anyway, I had no clue he is doing music. Maybe I haven't been paying attention that well, but it's no surprise that he has ventured out to expand his entertainment career. This playlist came as a result of me falling in love with this song and needing something in the realm of hip-hop/pop to add some bass to my mood. Some songs have a faster tempo than others, but they all seemed to compliment what I was going for. It ended up as a list of songs, mostly contemporary collaborations, that I'm loving at the moment. Here it goes:
  1. First Time x Jaden Smith ft. T. Coles
  2. Within x Daft Punk ft. Gonzales
  3. Heaven's Afternoon x Wale ft. Meek Mill
  4. There, There x Radiohead
  5. Mind of Logic x Logic ft. Camille Michelle Gray
  6. Remember You x Wiz Khalifa ft. The Weeknd
  7. Look at Where We Are x Hot Chip
  8. Oceans x Jay Z ft. Frank Ocean
  9. Hennessy Beach x Curren$y ft. Dom Kennedy 

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!! 

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