Friday, August 23, 2013

Organic Living | Restart

The whole point of this organic living was to just live well, make healthier choices, and take my time in doing so. It goes beyond eating; it's also the kind of environment I'm dwelling in, what I'm using on my skin/hair, and products I use on an everyday basis.  It's a certain awareness that I'm tapping into for the sole purpose of investing in the creation of a all around better lifestyle. 

I admit, I haven't been keeping up with a healthy eating plan.  Although I'm not a health nut who obsesses over calorie amount and probably never will be, it's good to pay attention to what I'm allowing to enter my body without becoming obsessive. There are weeks where I'm doing really good with preparing balanced meals and healthy snacking in between, with a reduced amount of junk food and sweets. On the other hand, there are times, especially on the weekend, where I'm not exactly eating how I should and that includes going back to meat eating.  My alternative vice will more than likely be sweet treats, but it's okay to indulge in moderation.  I'm still juicing, still exercising regularly, but it's up to me to fully commit to what I've set out to do and get the entire thing right. 

Today, I'm restarting my vegetarian journey.  I've cut out most meat choices since the beginning of the year, but I haven't completely stopped eating chicken and seafood. Beef and most red meat aren't in my diet regularly, so that part won't be hard.  Hopefully, this time I won't crave chicken as much and will spend more time preparing, cooking, and shopping for my own meals, since no one in my household is not on this journey with me.  It's a bit challenging when I'm making delectable steaks for my dad, but it's not impossible to cook meat for my family and not for myself.  When they can see how serious I am, they may be more inclined to making better food choices as well.

This is the beginning of many health conscious years to come.



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