Thursday, September 19, 2013

10 Things that Made Me Smile This Week

For some unknown reason, my emotions were all over the place this week, along with a dark cloud of negativity. Being so down in the dumps was just really wearing me down to the point where it was really counter-productive. Monday through Wednesday, I definitely wasn't in the greatest of moods.  In my journal, I wrote: "..happiness is a choice, so therefore sadness must be the opposing choice." While writing, I found hope in the fact that sometimes, in my own human experience, I do actually make good choices. After understanding that, I came alive in a sense and made a point to remember it.  From now on, when it comes to my sanity and emotional health, I will always choose happiness. 

Even in the midst of what started off as a terrible week, there were some moments that really brightened my day:
  1. My ability to bounce back after a really rough patch of days and realize all my blessings. 
  2. The incredible, unconditional loyalty of my dog during those bad days and her company (I would have felt so alone otherwise). 
  3. Remember the frames I said I wanted on my Fall 2013 wishlist? Well, I found some {via}and they look so pretty on.
  4. Cool, breezy, cardigan weather and seasonal favorites from Starbucks (Hello, Fall!).
  5. This inspirational video {via Erica Fae}love her.
  6. This article.
  7. This photo.
  8. All the [infinite] possibilities of right now and tomorrow.
  9. Momentum and consistency in my workouts.
  10. And as always, music. 
Anytime I morph back into this realm of feeling sorry for myself, I'll have to consider all the things that bring me joy on a daily basis and never forget to experience heaven on earth as much as possible.  The good life.

What made you happy this week??


Chymere Anais


  1. Sometimes experiencing sadness is necessary to appreciate those happy moments! I love that you mentioned your dog! animals are so intuitive...some sad things have gone on in my family lately (my grandmother is going into a phase where she's very sick) and our cat can sense when someone needs comfort.It's hilarious how she follows my dad around (and he doesn't even like cats, really) but she's all like "meooow, i'm here for you" and he'll shrug her off but she'll wait for him like outside of the bathroom door it's so funny! this post made me smile! I'll check out those links!

    1. Animals are very intuitive and I didn't really directly realize it until recently. You're so wouldn't be appreciated without pain, sadness, turmoil, chaos, etc.

      Thank you for reading!

  2. You said the magic words: choose happiness. I love this post! For its simplicity, its honesty, and your willingness to embrace the small things that can indeed equate to happiness. Its so funny, i took my first exam this morning, felt horrible about it but read this post and remembered i can choose to move forward and be happy. Thank u :) also i sent u an email yesterday, check it out!

    1. Your words mean so much! I appreciate them...I'm speechless! But thank much! ♥

  3. yes yes yes - thank you for the inspiration and positivity!


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