Monday, May 16, 2016

Day 16 | Because of the Times x Kings of Leon

Band: Kings of Leon
Album: Because of the Times (2007)

Can we dig through the attic and pull out another throwback? Indeed. It's been a part of this 31-day challenge to not only review recent releases, but to fall back in love with old favorites.  This was back during a time where depended heavily on my Rolling Stone subscriptions for new music choices and when I was first beginning to develop any real interest in attending a big music festival, such as Bonnaroo. 

Kings of Leon, the Southern rebels of the Pentecostal church, was-for whatever reason-another band I felt I could relate to. Along with GCH, the Followills boys created music that pulled me out of my adolescent depression. In retrospect, their content was probably irrelevant to me, but it doesn't change how much I loved the music they put out. Thumbing through their magazine interviews, it tickled me that the Kings' third studio album, Because of the Times, was named after a preacher's conference they used to attend with their minister father, which still goes on today, and the band name is a play on words of his name. Clever. 

I've always had somewhat of a thing for that garage-band sound, because it feels like they're playing for themselves. I like that kind of personal approach to music in general. It wasn't so much the lyrics that pulled me inward; it was the wild fusion of drums, bass, and guitar that caught my attention. I'd listen, wishing I had the talent to play like that or the spirit to sing like Caleb. Listening to it now, it may have been the deconstruction type of build up that made it appealing. There is just an unsettled pace to this record that somewhat sounds like musicians who have no intentions to crowd-please more than they want to tell a story, or perhaps write a story that can be left up for interpretation...and isn't that what art is about?? That's why this is one of those albums I can never truly forget. 

Fun story: Once I was of age to get tattoos without parental consent, it crossed my mind a few times to get a tattoo that read "Charmer", as an eternal homage for how much I loved this song in particular. Although I settled for musical symbols in the shape of a heart instead, it's still in the back of my mind to do so.


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