Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 17 | The Heart Speaks in Whispers x Corinne Bailey Rae

Artist: Corinne Bailey Rae
Album: The Heart Speaks in Whispers (2016)

Working with the ladies of King on production as well as her husband, Steve Brown, Corinne Bailey Rae softly commands the attention of the listener on her most recent album, The Heart Speaks in Whispers. While she's definitely more assertive here than she was on The Sea, but not for a moment did the music itself lose it's delicacy. Without trying too hard, her vocals are like water and just as riveting as they were in 2006 when her debut, self-titled album was released. She's aware of her range and doesn't go beyond that. Then adding this very sensual mixture of jazz, and neo-soul with a sprinkle of bossa nova creates a rather intriguing texture that's hard to pull away from. While it's not a record drowned in roaring instrumentation, it's well-balanced and works for the image Rae is attempting to convey. 

The entire album is like walking in a dream like state, but not nearly as lullaby-esque as I anticipated. It travels through that emotional stage women tend to experience often, the endless tug-of-war between mind and heart, so beautifully. Each song on this album start off with lazy vocals, feather-like jazz ballads, and sleepy instrumentation that eventually pick up tempo. On songs like 'Tell me' and 'Walk On', we're presented with this sort of silver lining of hope that the feelings pass away and eventually, we learn how to bridge the gap between hesitation and clarity.

  • Favorite tracks: 'Tell Me', 'Green Aphrodisiac', and 'High'

In some areas, it's very pop-driven, but the vulnerability strung throughout this entire compilation is breathtaking. The hymnal of 'High' is the kind of wooing tune that makes someone not only want to experience the sacred treasures of love, but also reveals the healing powers of love is attainable, even after personal destruction. Anyone who know's Mrs. Corinne's tragic story of loss, makes this record all the more lovely. It makes me happy to be able to witness an artist I love rise from the ashes and soar. 


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