Friday, May 20, 2016

Day 20 | Sound & Color x Alabama Shakes

Artist: Alabama Shakes
Albums: Sound & Color (2015)

Alabama Shakes, whose first name was simply The Shakes, started back in 2009 as a jam session between friends, with Heath Fogg and lead singer, Brittany Howard both playing the guitars, Zac Cockrell on the bass, and Steve Johnson on the drums. Gaining more mainstream media attention in 2011, the group formulated this immaculate sounding band that I have only fallen in love with recently. For the longest time, my best friend has been recommending them and I kept putting it off. Not sure why it took me so long to get into this incredible band, but I'm so happy I finally did.

Anytime a musician is new to me, I go as far back as possible to start from the beginning, because I think it helps the listener better understand direction. As impressed as I was with Alabama Shakes EP, their sophomore album, Sound & Color, really stood out to me. Three years separated from their debut album, Boys & Girls, by this time, their sound had definitely matured. There was a lot more depth, more soul, more of Howard's roaring vocals in the forefront, and heavier use of their individual instrumental gifts.

  • Favorite songs: 'Gimme All Your Love', 'Guess Who', and 'Future People'

Despite the apparent influences from the likes of Prince, Led Zeppelin, and Macy Gray, they're still able to maintain a very unique sound and produce music way ahead of its time. Sound & Color is one of those albums that's easy get completely lost in; shut off all the lights, turn up the volume, and allow the music to cover me. Strange yet beautiful, this band brings a completely new dynamic to the turntable that makes me super excited to hear what's next.

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