Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 5 | Twenty88 x Big Sean + Jhene Aiko (Collaboration)

Artist: Big Sean, Jhene Aiko
Album: Twenty88 EP (2016)

This entire EP sounds like a pretty cohesive sequel to the song, I Know from Big Sean's third studio album, 'Dark Sky Paradise'. The two make a rather convincing couple, as they embark on the journey through the stages of a pseudo relationship, and their chemistry was able to create a stellar collaboration for Twenty88. I could press play and allow the songs to take me to their fantasy land. 

Although the songs are extremely sexual in content, they're oddly romantic in nature. It's the duality aspect that makes the listening experience fascinating and enjoyable, as we travel through the ups and downs, the back and forth, the on and off relationship that Jhene and Big Sean portray. The biggest issue I found with the story-line was my personal disbelief that sex has the power to solve problems within relationships, so in that regard, it was a bit unrealistic. Other than that, wasn't too much I could say that could potentially downplay much I love this project. With easy-going vibes, sexy lyrics, and compelling beats, it's hard not to love this EP.

It's a coincidence that my 3 favorite tracks actually fall in order: Selfish, On the Way, and Push It

The duo's ability to bring out certain elements of one another is what I appreciated the most about this compilation. Big Sean's raspy, baritone voice mixed with Jhene's flawlessly angelic vocals caused the songs to flow together like water.

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