Monday, June 12, 2017

Life at the Moment

Chymere A. original photography. shot by iPhone 7 +
These past few weeks have been a whirlwind; lots of changes, lots of emotions, and it’s been overwhelming to try to manage the good along with the stress. Sometimes it helps to pray and write it out. Sometimes simply sitting in silence or taking a nap works just the same. 

New city, new job, new…in the fall, it’ll be a new school, so it’s pretty much a brand-new start to everything. I knew the time would eventually come when I would have to part with familiarity and move in the direction of greater dreams, whether it was by force or choice. Although it’s not always easy to adapt well to new things and make the necessary adjustments, especially when those things are unfamiliar territory, it’s been such a blessing and I’m so thankful for all of it. God is so good. 

The biggest thing I hope to gain from this entire experience is self-improvement on every level-spiritually, mentally, physically-and just be able to maximize my full potential for however long God chooses to keep me here, whether that means forever or the next 5 years. Right now, I'm just living in the moment and appreciating where I am right now.

Chymere A. original photography shot by: iPhone7 +

  • In Love with: a place that is slowly starting to feel like home and the life I'm creating for myself here.
  • Working on: 
    • My 3 F's: my finances, my fitness, & my faith 
    • Media kits + content for #TheSkyBoxSuite
  • Favorite visual: The views from my workplace (hopefully, I’ll never take them for granted)
  • Anticipating: My birthday, which is exactly one month away from today [07.12]. It’s really hard to believe that I’m officially late 20’s and still trying to figure things out. On the flip side, I'm happy with where I am at this point in my life. I feel myself growing and becoming more and more excited about where I’m headed and who I'm becoming.
  • Reading: not a thing, unfortunately. 
  • Watching: NBA Finals…which I-from the looks of it-may not be watching for too much longer. {Update: Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors, 2017 NBA Champions!!!}
  • Favorite Words:Wherever you are, be all there.” – Jim Elliot
  • Thinking about: love...what it means, what it encompasses, what it accomplishes in a lifetime.
  • Over the Moon About: what God is doing in my life

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